Christmas Ideas for an Incarcerated Friend or Loved One

NOTE:  This is a personal blog, any views or opinions represented in this blog belong solely to the FedPhoneLine staff.  WE ARE NOT Psychologists or Therapy Professionals, all data and information on these blogs is for informational purposes ONLY.

Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year.  Holiday shopping, cleaning planning meals and family visits etc.

Having a loved one in prison makes the Holidays even more difficult, loneliness and stress make it hard to be excited for the Holiday season.  Here are some ideas to help you through these stressful times and to bring some togetherness to you and your loved one during the Holiday season.

Plan Your Visits

It is great to visit a loved one in jail, however during the Holiday season, visits can be tricky since staff may be taking time off.  Try and visit a little earlier in the month if possible.  If there is a social, it may be nice to attend.

Sending Funds

Sending extra money to an incarcerated friend or loved one during the Holiday season is very thoughtful.  The funds can be added to their calling card for the extra holiday calls or go toward their Christmas Bag (if they have one) to purchase special Holiday treats.  If you do not have a FedPhoneLine number, there is no better time to sign up than Christmas, click here for more information.

Fun Mail

Sending mail is a cheap and fun way to get into the Christmas spirit!  Click here for some funny Christmas jokes.  You can purchase colouring books and have the children (or you) colour them, then mail them into the jail.  You can never go wrong with Christmas Cards.

Or send a number of different letters/cards with “Open When” dates on them (click here for some fun Open When ideas).  On that date he/she can open the letter and find a new joke, or drawing or card for them (just remember to glitter or perfume when mailing items, in some institutions even construction paper is unauthorized).

Pictures of your Christmas tree (or yourself) is always a great gift (again be sure that the pictures will be accepted by the prison staff).