FedPhoneLine Keeping Families Connected

FedPhoneLine is a telecommunications service that allows loved ones to save money on expensive long distance calls by providing local virtual numbers to call instead of making long distance calls. Each month your loved one will spend 50-80% less allowing you to talk for longer for less!

Flat-rate calling from $11.99/month
How FedPhoneLine Works
Easy to Use Service
  • Simply register and receive a FedPhoneLine Number instantly
  • FedPhoneLine number will be active within 24 hours
  • Your loved one calls the FedPhoneLine Local Number
  • The call is redirected to your cellphone or home phone
  • Save on expensive long distance charges
  • Unlimited Talk Time - Speak to your loved one longer for less
  • No cancellation or early termination charges
  • No contracts - Cancel anytime

The Problem

Communication is very important for friends and family. Expensive long distance charges make calling loved ones who are far away unaffordable and can be very stressful.

The FedPhoneLine Solution

Register and receive a FedPhoneLine local number where your loved one is located. Instead of calling you directly and paying long distance, he/she calls the FedPhoneLine Number (which redirects the call to you) and he/she will only pay the rate of a local call.

The Savings

Having a FedPhoneLine number will save between 50-80%. With FedPhoneLine there is unlimited talk time so talk to your loved one for as long as you want you will never run out of minutes. SIGN UP TODAY!

Flat-Rate Calling (can only forward to 1 phone number)
Flat-Rate Calling + Unlimited Forwarding (can forward upto 5 phone numbers)
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