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How Billing Works

-Your topup account will pay for the Collect Calls that you receive

-The date you sign up for a FedPhoneLine number

NOTE: TopUp Accounts must be kept above $4.00, if your TopUp account falls below $4.00 it will be blocked and you will have to add funds TopUp your Account to reactivate your FedPhoneLine number. When you sign up for a FedPhoneLine number you will be provided a username and password where you can login and add funds to your TopUp account as well as edit account information, change forwarding numbers (if applicable), change/terminate FedPhoneLine numbers and add funds to your TopUp Account

FedPhoneLine allows you to receive collect calls on your cellphone or home phone. We also have packages that will help your loved one save money on long distance charges when using calling cards. Here is how billing works:

Account Activation:

Accounts are prepaid for the month so when you sign up you will need to pay:

Activation Fee + Prorated Monthly Fee + Topup Amount + Provincial Tax = Total

This amount will be taken off your credit card immediately after signup. Your FedPhoneLine number will begin working right away.

Monthly Bill:

On the First of the next month your Credit/Debit Card will be charged:

FedPhoneLine Monthly Calling Package + Provincial Tax = Total

Your TopUp Account: (for collect call subscribers only)

You are charged when you receive a collect call from your loved one that lasts over 60 seconds. These charges are withdrawn from your top up account.

If you have purchased the $39.99/month plan, each call will cost you either $1.50 or $2.00 depending on your plan

If you have purchased the $6.99/month Pay-As-You-Go plan, each call will cost you either $1.50 or $2.00 PLUS $0.07/min.

On the 1st of the month the monthly bill is NOT deducted from your Top Up fee, it will be deducted from your card (topups are for calls only).

We DO NOT accept Prepaid "Vanilla" Credit Cards. If you are going to use a Prepaid Credit Card you must get one from MoneyMart or your Bank (Prepaid Titanium Credit Cards)

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