fedphoneline is mailing sudoku puzzles to inmates

FedPhoneLine: COVID-19 Mailing Puzzles/Crosswords to Inmates

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major changes in Canada. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in mid-March Correctional Institutions across Canada have had to take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.


CSC Precautionary Measures

• CSC has suspended visits to offenders, temporary absences (except for medical escorts) and work releases. CSC is supporting inmates staying connected to family and community by video visitation or telephone, as well as looking at additional measures to maintain the calm in institutions.
• All inter-regional and international transfers of inmates have been suspended.
• CSC is increasing supply of medication for offenders on release to reduce the burden of the health care system and provide offenders with more time before visiting a pharmacy or seeing their physician.
• CSC is actively screening offenders in CSC institutions upon arrival.
• CSC has asked legal counsel to postpone visiting institutions and maintain access by telephone. Case-by-case accommodation will be facilitated, where essential.
• CSC has postponed all non-essential, in-person staff training. Exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
• CSC has implemented mandatory employee self-isolation for 14 days for all returning international travelers and employees living with people who traveled internationally.

Click here for the most up to date data on Inmate COVID-19 Testing.


FedPhoneLine Mailing Puzzles

Since visitation has been cancelled and the number of lockdowns has increased FedPhoneLine has began sending Inmates Crossword Puzzles/Word searches/Sudoku etc. to help alleviate some boredom.
Puzzles are sent once per month and will continue until visitation resumes. An notification email is sent to FedPhoneLine customer’s once per month where they can opt into the mailing.
If you are NOT a FedPhoneLine Customer, but would like to participate in the mailing please email supporttech2@fedphoneline.com. Let them know that you are not a FedPhoneLine customer but to please include you in the next Puzzle Mailing.

FedPhoneLine will require:

• Your Full Name
• Your Mailing Address, Province, Postal Code
• Inmate’s Name
• The Inmate’s Institution (for example: Joyceville Institution – Medium)

Please make the Subject Line of the email: FedPhoneLine Puzzle Mail

Please encourage your friends and loved ones to protect themselves from COVID-19 and follow the information outlined by the World Health Organization