Private Family Visit

How Private Family Visitation (PFV) Works

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According to the CSC Website:

Private family visits allow inmates and their families to spend time together (upto 72 hours).

PFVs occur in separate housing structures inside the perimeter of the institution. Most of these structures are simple two-bedroom units with a combination kitchen and living area. This allows inmates to spend time with their visitors in private.

PFVs can take place for up to 72 hours every two months, unless otherwise specified in an institution’s standing order.

When a loved one wants to participate in a PFV, they must first be approved on the inmate’s visiting list.

The approval process can take up to 45 days from the date the application is submitted to the institution. All of the information on the form must be completed and 2 passport sized photos must be included with the application.

Once the visit is approved, the inmate and visitor must complete 3 regular visits or allow 3 months to pass without any incident before the visitor will be eligible to participate in a PFV.

For PFV’s the inmate has to submit the application to the institution. Additionally, the inmate must be able to prove a previous/historic relationship between the inmate and the visitor they want to have the PFV with.


Visitor Eligibility

Visitors Eligible to participate in Private Family Visits:

  1. Immediate family
  2. Individual with whom the inmate has a close personal relationship.
  3. Common-law and Proof of a common-law relationship is the responsibility of the inmate and/or the visitor.
  4. A minor child must be escorted by an accompanying adult.

Visitation Procedure

Upon receipt of the inmate’s Application for the Use of the Private Family Visit Unit, CSC will ensure that the inmate and the visitor are on open visits and the visitor’s records are up-to-date.
In some instances, CSC will request additional information from the inmate:

  1. Statement of Voluntary Participation and Consent for Private Family Visits
  2. If applicable, the Declaration of a Common-Law Union
  3. The Visiting Application
  4. If applicable, the Visiting Application – Child Safety Waiver

If there are any concerns noted following the receipt of the Statement of Voluntary Participation and Consent for Private Family Visits form, an interview will be conducted with the visitor(s) and document it in a Casework Record will be reviewed to address the issue. Following consultation with the Correctional Manager and the Parole Officer, a Community Assessment will be completed for the visitor to determine the Threat Risk Assessment for Private Family Visits (With Visitors).  If all of the information received from this assessment is satisfactory to CSC, the PFV will be approved.

Once the PFV is approved, the visitor will be able to attend the institution and spend time with their loved on in the trailer (see our blog about the Ion Scanner and preparing for visits here);

  1. Attend Friday mornings 9:30AM and leave Monday morning 9:00AM
  2. Attend Monday, 11:00AM and leave Thursday 11:00 AM

Get more information and download forms here.