Prison visit

How To Prepare For A Visit At The Institution

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Visiting a friend/loved one in prison takes planning and organization. Before arriving at the Institution make sure that your clothing is clean and keep away from any illegal substances (even the smoke from others using it around you).

It is recommended that visitors wash and clean other items they may wear to the Institution (i.e.  your identification, jewelry, hair ties, watches, rings, chains, etc.)

This is important because you may be asked to provide one of these items for the ION scanner to test for contraband.

Important Facts:

When you have entered Federal property you, your vehicle and your personal property can be subjected to search for illegal items and/or contraband. If the Institution has information or suspects illicit activity, they can subject you to a thorough search and questioning.

When arriving for your visit:

  1. Upon arrival you must provide the name of the person you are visiting, your name and proper photo identification (contact the Institution for a list of proper identification).
  1. You will register for your visit. Lock away your phone, car keys, wallet/purse in the locker/lock box provided by the Institution.

You will either:

  1. Be allowed to go direct to the visiting room
  2. Be selected for a dog search
  3. Be asked to submit to the ION Scanner

If “1” occurs, you are cleared for your visit.

If “2” occurs, you will be asked to stand towards a wall so that the trained CSC dog can walk around you to determine if you have any contraband. If the dog walks past you and does not smell any illegal items (drugs) you are cleared to go to the visiting room.

If “3” occurs, a CSC officer would ask you for an item you are wearing, (a piece of jewelry, your ID, etc.) The item will be swabbed and placed into the ION Scanner. If the scanner detects any illegal substance on the item provided, you will be informed of the quantity present on the item, and further questioning will begin to determine if you will be allowed for a visit (this can be quite stressful, however try to remain calm, CSC has a mandate to keep Institutions safe and they must follow their training).  If no illegal substance is found, you will be allowed to visit and your loved one.

Each visitor to the Institution can bring up to $20.00 in coins to be used for drinks and snacks while visiting.

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