Inmate Parole Support Letter Tips

Inmate Parole Support Letter Tips

Parole Support Letter Example and Tips

Quick Summary:

  • Support letters can be written by family members, community leaders (pastors, teachers, program facilitators)
  • Support letters are written to show that the loved one has positive community support which is very beneficial for parole
  • These Support letters should be positive and well written

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What is a Parole Support Letter?

A Parole Board has many factors to consider before releasing an individual back into the community.  A very important factor when making the decision to release an individual is whether the inmate has positive community support.

An individual with positive support will (in my opinion) be more likely to receive parole than an individual with no community support.  It shows that there are individuals, community members or employers who are willing to help the inmate transition back into society.

To write an effective support letter you should be in contact with the individual often and speak to the individual about their release plans and goals.  See FedPhoneLine calling options to save money on expensive prison calls.  This information will help you write a better support letter.

Who should write a Parole Support Letter?

Direct Community Support Members:  This includes family members, wives/husbands, basically people who would see the individual on a daily basis.  Should children write a Parole Letter?  Please comment below.

What should be included in a Parole Support Letter?

  • State who you are and your relationship with the individual
  • State how you can/will provide support to the inmate
  • Be sure to provide your contact information
  • It is good to be aware of his/her crimes and not to make any excuses for those crimes but instead write about how to move forward
  • Talk about what he/she will do to ensure the crime does not occur again and how you will assist him/her.

Inmate Parole Support Letter

Parole Support Letter Example

Sample Parole Support Letter from Family

Please Note these are just outlines to help you get your own letter started.


Your Address

Dear Members of the Parole Board:

1st Paragraph: The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph to write about who you are and how you know the inmate. 

My name is (your name) and I am the (wife/some/daughter of inmate (inmates name and FPS#).  I’ve known (inmate) for XX years (if you have children with the inmate, state their ages).  I am writing this letter to confirm my support for (inmate).  He/She has recognized the mistakes they have made and have taken full responsibility for their crime(s).

2nd Paragraph: The second paragraph provides more details about your relationship with the inmate

I first met (inmate) at our High School, we were in the same classes from Grade 9 to Grade 12.  I saw him each day and we even worked together at BBB company.

We spent a lot of time together and in that time I found (inmate) to be a very smart, caring and positive person.  He ran an after-school basketball program for underprivileged children from 2005 until 2012 and volunteered at the hospital on weekends.

How would also make time to help me with my homework and take care of his sick mother.

3rd Paragraph: The third paragraph should explain that you are aware of the crime and steps forward

His life started to go downhill after his mother died.  He fell into a deep depression, lost his job and on January 7, 2014, he was in a terrible car accident.  He became addicted to pain killers and to fund his habit without a job he ended up selling illegal narcotics.

I speak to him at least 3 times per week. He is deeply remorseful for his crime and takes full responsibility.  While in jail he has received his GED and his Addiction Counselling Correctional Program, whilst attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

He keeps himself busy with exercise and reading and he will have employment upon release at BBB Company.

He has many family and friends who will keep him on a healthy and positive path.  He has also informed me that he has not had any charges during his time of incarceration, which is a testament to his good behaviour.

4th Paragraph: The fourth paragraph should conclude your letter

It is my commitment to the honourable members of the Parole Board, that I will provide personal and emotional support for (inmate).  He has large network of support that will help him through his reintegration and a job waiting for him upon release.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Your Name

Relationship to Inmate

Telephone Number