How Video Visits Work in Canadian Federal Prisons

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Firstly, choosing Video visits does not affect of hinder your regular visits.  You cannot have one regular visit and one Video visit on the same day.

Video Visitation Process

All visitors must submit a Visitation Application (see our Visitation Application blog) which must be approved by the institution before starting video visits.

Once the visiting application has been approved by the institution, the inmate must book a video visit.  Each time the inmate wants to book a visit they must fill out a form, which must be approved by the institution before the visit can occur.

When the visit is approved you will receive an email with a link before the scheduled time of your Video visit (usually within24 hours of your video visit time).

Video Visitation Rules

  • Video visits can vary anywhere from approximately 20-60 minutes long
  • Only the individual that filled out the visitor application is permitted to speak. If anyone other than the visitor speaks, the inmate can be penalized.
  • Video visits are free