Send Great Pictures To Your Friend/Loved One

Send Great Pictures To Your Friend/Loved One

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Most inmates look forward to receiving pictures from their families and friends.  Taking a great picture involves many elements.  It only takes a few simple steps to learn how to send a great picture to your friend/loved one.

Send Great Pictures To Your Friend/Loved One

selfie picture


Lighting is Everything

Natural lighting is best.  When taking pictures, it may be best to go outside or stand near a window.  If there is no natural light, the next best place is the bathroom mirror.  Try to avoid harsh light, turn off overhead lights and fluorescents and try to turn on a lamp for a warmer type of lighting.  Try not to face a computer screen or television.

Stay away from shadows

A good rule is to always place your phone between you and the light source.  If your source of light is behind you that will cause shadows.  Try to avoid pictures during midday, when the sun is high in the sky the shadows will look like bags under your eyes.  The best time to shoot outside is during sunrise or sunset.  If you are in a dark area, don’t be afraid to use the Flash, the picture will probably not turn out perfect, but you play with the contrast using your phone settings.


Genuine pictures are the best one’s (in my opinion).  Try not to contort your face into a big grin, before you snap the selfie say ‘yessss’.  For a more serious look follow Tyra Banks “Amerca’s Top Model” advice and ‘smile with your eyes’ while remaining serious.  Here is a quick tutorial on YouTube.  Practice in front of the mirror and you will  get the hang of it!

Find your best angle

This is the most important recommendation.  Take A LOT of photos, from different angles and compare them.  When taking a selfie, hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes.  if you’ve got a big chin, you don’t want to shoot from the side or below.  If you have great lips, you may want to shoot from a lower angle to make your lips stand out more.  Professionals seem to advise NOT to stare directly into the same, you should probably turn to the side a little.

Don’t be afraid to edit your photos and work with filters, but don’t edit your selfie to the point where you don’t look like you!  Your loved one wants to see YOU!

Family Pictures

Taking selfies is one thing, taking pictures with your family is much different.  Here are a few tips for taking fun, family pictures to send great pictures to your friend/loved one.

Plan Ahead

It may take more time to setup a great family photo, but it’s a great way to spend time with the kids.  Make sure you plan ahead.

  • Tell your family about the photoshoot
  • Ask them if they have any fun photos they would like to take
  • Make sure everyone is well fed and rested
  • Bring snacks
  • Plan your wardrobe (and maybe a change of wardrobe), makeup etc. beforehand

Bring a Tripod

The tripod and a camera with a timer (or remote) are essential so that pictures come out consistent.  A camera with a remote control is better than a timer because you do not need to constantly run back and forth between poses!

Take Breaks

Small children probably do not want to pose for the camera for long periods of time, make sure you take breaks in between photos.

During the breaks you can take candid photos of the children as well!

Stagger Tall and Shorter People

Most of the tips for selfies still apply here, outdoor lighting if possible, use the flash if needed, edit pictures etc.  Try not to have everyone standing in a boring straight line.  Try to have alternate between tall and short individuals to add some more interest to the image.


Fun Picture Locations

  • A field or beach with a nice shoreline
  • An outdoor venue like a park with features like tall grass or trees to provide backdrop
  • Your backyard (if it is uncluttered) photos behind a wooden fence are nice
  • A covered outdoor space like a gazebo or covered porch if it’s cloudy outside
  • An indoor space with high ceilings and lots of windows for natural light

Have fun!

At the end of the day, your friend or loved one will be happy that you took the time to send him/her pictures.  Have fun, take stress-free pictures and send great pictures to your friend/loved one!