Structured Intervention Units (SIU)

The new Structured Intervention Unit (SIU) that is created by CSC is the renewed segregation unit where inmates are held as a form of punishment, usually for jeopardizing the safety and security of the Institution.

The difference between segragation and the SIU is outlined below:


Locked in a cell all day except for a 20-minute recreation break within a 20ft x 20ft enclosure) SIUs are stand alone, multi-level security units within an area of penitentiary
Showers occur once every 48 hours Inmates in an SIU will be offered the opportunity to maintain continuity with their Correctional Plan and be given the opportunity to commence programming if required
5 phone calls are allowed per week (20-minute limits).  The calls must be booked for a specific time. Inmates are allowed out of their cells for a minimum of four hours daily of which two hours must include the ability to socialize with others
Inmates are given the opportunity for meaningful human contact through programs, cultural activities, religious and spiritual practice, etc.


Restricted Movement Overview

  1. Not all institutions have an SIU.  Only inmates that are incarcerated at a non-SIU site and have been authorized to transfer to an SIU can be subject to restricted movement.
  2. An authorization to transfer an inmate to an SIU must be completed immediately when an inmate’s movement must be restricted because they acted in a manner that jeopardizes the security of the penitentiary or the safety of any person.
  3. The objective is to take all of teh necessary measures to allow the inmate to return to the general inmate population at a time when they would not jeopardize the security of teh penitentiary or the safety of any person.
  4. Restricted movement can be used for a maximum of five (5) working days.  The five-working day period begins after the authorized transfer is completed.
  5. Within the five-working day period:
    1. All staff must continue to explore alternatives to return the inmate to the general inmate population, such as informal resolution, and
    2. The Institutional Head must make a decision to either approve or reject the inmate’s transfer to the SIU, or
    3. The SIU authorization to transfer must be cancelled and the inmate immediately returned to the general populaiton.

While subject to restricted movement, the inmate has the same rights and entitlements as an inmate who is in an SIU, including the opportunity:

  • To be out of their cells for a minimum of four hours daily
  • For meaningful human contact for a minimum of two hours daily
  • To access programs, interventions, service, cultural, religious and spiritual practice, leisure activities, family visits and contact with community volunteers

The above entitlements are not provided to an inmate on restricted movement.

  1. The above entitlements must be provided to an inmate when the circumstances permit at the non-SIU site without compromising necessary operational routines and/or security of the penitentiary or the safey of any person.
  2. Institution Steff shall make all reasonable efforts to provide programming and interventions, such as:
    1. Cultural and elder engagement
    2. Religious and spiritual practice
    3. Leisure activities
    4. Family visits and contact with community partners, such as the CAC, advocacy groups and external volunteers