What Happens If Parole Is Denied?

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If the Parole Board decides not to grant parole the first thing to do is not to panic.  It is  upsetting hearing that a friend or loved one will not be coming home. However, the Parole Board will outline their decision to deny parole.

The inmate must use the information provided by the Parole Board to address their problem areas.  Perhaps another program can be taken, or further education is recommended to prepare the inmate for release.

It is recommended that the inmate review the recommendations with their friends and family, understand their issues so that they are more prepared for their next Parole Review.  The key is preparation, see our Blog “Questions Which May Be Asked at a Parole Hearing” and prepare for the next Hearing.

The next hearing must be conducted within 2 years of the previous hearing (or 5 years if that case involves a violent offence).