What is a Case Management Team?

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Case Management

Case Management describes how CSC manages the inmate’s sentence. Case Management is a process that is designed to make sure that all relevant information about the inmate is coordinated and analyzed to produce a clear understanding of the inmate’s case at any given time.


Case Management Team

The Case Management Team (CMT) is comprised of a Correctional Officer II (COII), Parole Officer (PO), Correctional Manager (CM), Manager Assessment and Intervention (MAI), and the inmate. Each inmate is a part of their case management team and each team member has specific duties. Any other members such as the Psychologist, Aboriginal Initiatives Staff, or Work Supervisor may also be included in the CMT.
Inmates are assigned a Parole Officer and a COII as soon as they are admitted into the institution (usually). In addition to meeting with the inmate shortly after arrival to the Institution, the officers in the inmate living unit will also be able to assist the inmate with the names of the POI or COII assigned to that inmate’s case.


Correctional Officer II (COII)

The COII monitors and reports on the inmate’s performance while incarcerated. They are the inmate’s first point of contact regarding any case management issues. The COII will assist the Parole Officer in managing the inmate’s case and document the progress in monthly Structured Casework Records. COIIs write reports in response to all of the inmate’s applications; i.e for private family visits, pay level reviews, and continuations of temporary absences.


Parole Officer (PO)

Parole officers oversee the management of the inmate’s sentence while incarcerated and prepares the inmate’s case for review by the Parole Board of Canada. They also assist Correctional Officers II in completing their case work related to the inmate’s case.
PO’s will liaise with Administration and community agencies on the inmate’s behalf. PO’s also write reports in response to the inmate’s application for transfers and initial temporary absences. The PO is directly responsible for needs analysis, case preparation, case management strategies, case planning, and correctional plans for inmates assigned to them.


Correctional Manager (CM)

Their major responsibility is to quality control reports written by the Correctional Officer II. The Correctional Manager (CM) also supervises all inmates who work on the unit ie: cleaners, etc. and completes assessments regarding the inmate’s work performance.


Manager Assessment and Interventions (MAI)

The MAI’s major responsibility is to quality-control reports written by the Parole Officer. The MAI is the final decision-maker regarding applications for private family visits. The MAI participates in case conferences to discuss issues related to inmates cases and recommendations being suggested.


Correctional Officer I

The primary function of the Correctional Officer I is security. However, they are also required to report and record information on inmate behaviour based on their interaction with inmates on the Unit or in the Institution.