Donnacona Institution
1537, Route 138
Donnacona, QC, G3M 1C9
Visits: 418-285-2455

Donnacona was opened in 1986, it is a Maximum security Federal penitentiary that can accommodate upto 451 adult male inmates.


Regular Visiting Hours:


Visitation times vary.


Do I need to be on an Incarcerated person’s visitors list?

Yes, visiting application from must be filled out.  If there are children visiting then a child waiver  application must be filled out for the child as well.

Click here to download any official visitation forms: 


How can I schedule a visit?

Visits must be booked at least 24hrs in advance.


FedPhoneLine has Collect Call and Calling Card Numbers for this Institution
Regular Visiting Hours?
Call the visitation department for more information.
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