Bowden Institution and Annex
Highway No. 2
Innisfail, Alberta, T4G1V1
Visits: 403-227-3391ext.7303
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Note:  Information below may no longer be accurate.  Please contact the Institution directly for up-to-date information.

Bowden Institution is separated into Medium and Minimum Federal security sections.  The Medium section opened in 1974 and can house 450 adult male inmates.  The minimum security area was built in 1992 and can accommodate 120 inmates living in simulated residential housing units.

Do I need to be on an Incarcerated persons visitors list? 

Yes, visiting application form must be filled out.  If there are children visiting then a child waiver application must be filled out for the child as well.

Click here to download any official forms from Correctional Service Canada:


How can I schedule a visit?

First come first serve you do not have to be on a list, however arrive at least 30 minutes early.


Visitation Information: 

Length of visit:  20 minutes

Number of visits per week:  2

Number of visitors per visit: 2 (not including infants)

Can I drop off money to my loved one when I visit? Maximum $300.00 (Cash only) 

NOTE:  If you are sending an Inmate Pen Package, make sure to contact the institution (their list is different than the standard list on the CSC website)

Regular Visiting Hours?

Regular Visiting Hours:













8:00AM - 3:00PM

8:00AM - 3:00PM

* Be sure to call ahead as visitation hours may change

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and potential changes with Visitation process, click here to visit the Correctional Service Canada Website and review visitation requirements. 

* Be sure to call ahead as visitation hours may change

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