Items Inmates Are Allowed To Keep With Them (Cell Effects)

Inmates are permitted to have these items sent into the institution from the community.  Items allowed are based on their Security Classification:

Items & Quantities Permitted

The following list has been approved by National Headquarters. These are the items and quantities that are permitted for Inmate Pen Packages (Federal Institutions Only).

Items on this list may vary so contact the A&D department for an updated list or click here.

Total value of all effects will not exceed $1500 (CD 566-12) X X X
Jewellery (maximum value of $300 in addition to the $1500)      
Bracelet, earrings (small loops or studs), wedding band, watch, neck chain, low profile ring) X X X
Musical Instruments (one only)      
Stringed instrument, wind instrument or keyboard (maximum of 1 meter in length and no amps) Warden’s discretion X X
Electrical Items      
1 – Electric razor X X X
1 – Hair cutting kit X X X
1 – Clock radio/alarm clock X X X
1 – Desk fan (plastic only) 6” max 12” max 12” max
1 – Power bar (as per CD 345) X X X
1 – Oral irrigation appliance No No X
1 – Beard/mustache trimmer No X X
1 – Hair dryer (hand held, 1600W max) No X X
1 – Reading lamp (non-halogen, 60W max, CSA approved, no goose necked or weighted base) X X X
1 – Toothbrush (electric) Manual X X
1 – Typewriter X X X
1 – Clothing shaver No X X
Miscellaneous Items      
2 – Tupperware type containers (maximum 1 litre (2 x 500ml) X X X
1 – Footlocker X X X
1 – Scissors (blunt ends only and maximum 6” long) No X X
1 – Mug (maximum 12 ounces, non-ceramic) X X X
7 – Photo albums with pictures X X X
1 – Stapler (non-electric) X X X
1 – Waist pouch No No X
Cassette holder and/or compact disc holder (maximum capacity of 40) X X X
Assorted games and puzzles X X X
8 – Batteries (single or rechargeable and charger) X X X
1 – Combination lock (approved CSC type) No No X
20 – Clothes hangers (plastic only) No X X
1 – Water bottle (maximum 12 ounces) X X X
1 – Hand-held calculator (no communication capacity) X X X
1 – Geometry set No No X
1 – Toiletry bag X X X
1 – Wallet No No X
2 – Picture frames (no glass) for tack board or desk top X X X
Photographs (no Polaroids) X X X
2 – Prayer mats (18” x 30” maximum) X X X
Audio-Visual Equipment      
1 – One piece stereo system (100W total permitted but no condenser microphones, microphones, short wave capacity or detachable speakers permitted) X X X
1 – Walkman type radio/CD player (non-recording) X X X
40 – Audio cassettes, audio CDs or CD-Rom disks (combined)  No CD-RW, CR-R-Write, MP3 Players, IPODS, DVD or “burned” permitted (exception:  PBC digital recordings on CD) X X X
10 – Video game cartridges/discs X X X
1 – TV converter X X X
1 – Cassette/CD cleaner (dry type) X X X
1 – Walkman type radio/cassette player (non-recording) X X X
1 – Game system – Game Boy, Playstation 1, Nintendo or any other game computer (console of hand-held) that does not have data or other communication capability and is available commercially on the market X X X
1 – TV with remote control (maximum 16” model only, with headphone jack) plasma TV is not permitted X X X
1 – Coaxial cable (10 ‘ maximum) X X X
Health and Personal Care Items      
3 – Combs X X X
10 – Disposable razors(see razor protocol for Maximum Unit) No X X
2 – Nail clippers X X X
2 – Sunglasses (non-mirrored only) X X X
1 – Blunt end cuticle scissors No X X
2 – Tweezers X X X
2 – Hair brushes X X X
Sports Equipment      
2 – Racquets in total (tennis, squash, badminton, racquet ball, ping-pong or broom ball) No X X
1 – Pair of skates (not stored in cell) No No X
1 – Weight belt No X X
1 – set of lifting straps No X X
1 – Golf glove No X X
1 – Ball glove No X X
1 – Pair of bag gloves (no metal inserts) No X X
1 – Pair of cleats (non-metallic and no toe guard) No X X
1 – Jump rope 8’ max X X
1 – Pair of wrist supports/wraps No X X
1 – Handball glove No X X
2 – Sweat head bands No X X
2 – Pairs of weight gloves No X X
2 – Athletic supports X X X
1 – Aerobic stepper No X X
3 – Sweat shirts X X X
12 – T-shirts/muscle shirts (must not display vulgarity in any way; no beer/alcohol shirts) X X X
2 – Sweaters X X X
10 – Pairs of socks X X X
3 – Golf shirts X X X
1 – Bathrobe X X X
2 – Pairs of winter gloves or mitts X X X
1 – Scarf No No X
6 – Jeans or casual pants (maximum 4 pockets) X X X
4 – Sweat pants X X X
4 – Shorts (maximum 4 pockets) X X X
1 – Bathing suit No No X
3 – Belts (no oversize buckles) X X X
3 – Pajamas No No X
10 – Underwear X X X
3 – Ball caps X X X
1 – Pair of boots (no steel inserts) No No X
1 – Pair of shoes (not runners, no steel inserts) No X X
2 – Pairs of running shoes X X X
2 – Pairs of sandals X X X
2 – Pairs of slippers X X X
1 – Toque (non-balaclava) X X X
1 – Pair suspenders No X X
Where items are issued or supplied by the CSC, individuals are not permitted to duplicate the items for personal or group use.      
  • Computers and Electronic Games

Offenders are not permitted to have a computer sent into the institution, nor may they purchase new computers as per CD 566-12.

Only inmates who had approved computers, computer peripherals and software as authorized personal effects prior to October 2002 will be allowed to keep and maintain them. Inmates are no longer authorized to purchase or upgrade personal computers. The combined dollar value of authorized computer hardware, software, and peripherals shall not exceed $2500. Any inmate who has an authorized computer that contains a TV tuner video card must arrange to have the card removed.  You may get permission for a one time transfer from your savings account to pay for this work. Any confirmed unauthorized software, hardware or illicit usage or indication of tampering with security seals will result in the permanent removal of the inmate-owned computer and peripherals. Only specifically authorized electronic games listed within CD 566-12 will be permitted. Inmates will have controlled access to CSC owned computers that are authorized for work, programs, legal needs and leisure activities located in designated areas in the minimum, medium and maximum security units.