Tutorial Videos

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Adding Funds to your Top Up Account

This video is related to Collect Calling accounts only.  You can Add funds to your Top Up account by logging in and selecting the "Top Up" button.

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Change FedPhoneLine Numbers (Loved One Transferred)

If you loved one is transferring institutions, you can get a new number for him or her without having to pay another activation fee (you must terminate your previous FedPhoneLine number).  

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Upgrading Your Account

Upgrade your calling plan to add extra features to your number like more monthly minutes or call forwarding.

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Reactivating Your FedPhoneLine Account (Federal Institutions Only)

Reactivate a terminated account  by logging in and selecting the Green "Reactivate" button.  There is a $20 + tax reactivation fee plus any previous amount owing.  

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Terminating Your FedPhoneLine Account

Terminate your FedPhoneLine account quickly and easily by logging in and selecting the Red "Terminate Account" button.  

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Using the Pay Now Button

Paying monthly bills is easy, simply login and select the "Pay Now" button.  Then select the credit/debit card you will use.  Prepaying for more than 1 month is also an option.

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: How to Add/Edit/Remove Forwarding Numbers

Premium Account customers can add/edit forwarding numbers by logging in and clicking the "Call Forwarding" tab.  Change the number of rings so the answering machine does not pickup too early.

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: How to Update Your Credit/Debit Card Information

Updating your Credit or Debit Card information is easy, simply login to your FedPhoneLine account and go to "Payment Information".  Make sure when you update information you re-enter ALL card information.

FedPhoneLine Tutorial Video: Using Your Referral Code

When you sign up for a FedPhoneLine number you are provided a referral code.  Give your code to your friends/family and they will receive a 15% discount off their signup fee and you will receive 15% off your next monthly bill.

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